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Who we are?

Flashback is an Archaeology studio formed by a couple who enjoy every second they have. We have always looked for undiscovered civilizations, lost cities and remnants of an uncharted past. Nowadays, applying the latest 21st century archaeological techniques, we keep on doing what we like most.

We have set a personal purpose: introducing you to the values of Archaeology -our authentic vocation and proud profession- by means of our Flashback brand, educational work and archaeological projects.
Our vision is a society where Archaeology is perceived as a crucial and friendly discipline; an essential science to discover and understand our common past, a tool to learn from and improve our future.
Our values define us. They are simple in origin, but strong in development. Tenacity at work and passion in the projects we tackle: we dedicate all our efforts to be socially involved.
This is the cornerstone of our archaeological project; a compendium of the feelings that our discipline, Archaeology, transmit us. Read more
We declare ourselves as socially responsible archaeologists. This judgment is born from the development of the following three basic points:

  • Our values and ethics are above all

  • We donate €5 to archaeological or cultural projects for every purchase you make

  • Our products are made to last. We hate planned obsolescence


What we do?

Apart from the classical activities carried out by an Archaeology company, we combine our educative labor in Archaeo-workshops with our Flashback merchandising.

  • On site Preventive Archaeology
  • Evaluations in urban plans
  • Archaeological Heritage management
  • Earth moving controls
  • Archaeological Studies
  • Cultural promotion
  • Historical Cartography
  • Didactic workshops in Archaeology for children
During the development of our initial idea, we have realized that the values of Archaeology are so impressive that it could be possible to involve everyone to ensure its diffusion in a different way. Thus our Flashback product line is born, a brand inspired by the sustainability of actions, the preservation of the past and the quality of the works bequeathed. For every Indy’s bag or Flashback iPadCase purchased, we give €5 to projects involved in preserving our Archaeological Heritage.


Our ‘artifacts’

Ludi Romanorum

los juegos de los romanos/ the games of the Romans

+ info

Flashback iPadCase

funda para tablets / case for tablets

+ info


tu taza arqueológica / your archaeological mug

+ info


un portamonedas diferente / this is a different purse

+ info

Indy’s bag 2.0

bolso reinterpretación del MkVII / upgrade of the MkVII Satchel

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Indy’s bag 2.0, FundiPad, Flashcash, Arqueomanifiesto, Flashmugback… take a look at them at our store!

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