Flashback Archaeologica. Egipto (2006): Valle de los Reyes

Hello, we are Flashback Archaeologica, an studio  formed by a couple of archaeologists who enjoy their profession each second of their lives. In the spanish versión of this post, we explain our beginnings and wider experiencies along twenty years of coexistence. Also, we refer the reasons that moved us to build this common project. We hope you enjoy it.

Please, come back and visit us soon. Best regards,

Fran et Oly


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    Mohammad Aref

    Dear Fran and Oly,
    Thank you so much for your message. I enjoyed by your web and your work.
    kindly please watch my new short film documentary that i make on one of the ancient stone about Sassanian empire in Iran 1500 years ago .
    “The boar hunting” film by Mohammad Aref via youtube.


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      Thank you Aref. We have enjoyed very much your video. It is a different proposal to understand ancient reliefs.
      We will share it with all our friends in social media.

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